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Anhisa shall assist you to navigate through your troubles

The firm’s annual promotion of associates includes exceptional lawyers who have built vibrant practices.


Since the establishment of ANHISA, arbitration has always been a part of our core practice. Our lawyers are extensively experienced and highly qualified to assist you in all kinds of arbitration, from domestic to international, from ad-hoc to institutional.   

Cross-border and international arbitration practice is our stronghold. The outstanding and resilient performance of our lawyers are praiseworthy and well appreciated by our clients. We are also honored to be appointed and referred to by our respectful colleague lawyers from all corners of the worlds in the matters of international arbitration.   

Be it commercial, maritime, aviation, insurance or investment, our lawyers possess the qualifications and fortitudes to represent and protect your rights and interests before any Arbitral Tribunal. Our underlying principle in arbitration service is just, proficiency, worthiness and devotion.    

Our lawyers offer the extensive knowledge and practice in various sets of arbitration rules, e.g., ICC, ICSID, UNCITRAL, SIAC, HKIAC, JCAA, and VIAC, and jurisdictions, e.g., Vietnam, UK, America, Hongkong, Singapore, Korea and Japan. During our course of service for our foreign and domestic clients, we firmly grasp the wishes and demands of all disputing parties, locally and internationally. We are here to realize your goals in your arbitration.   

Apart from being the representing lawyers of parties to the disputes, we have also been instructed to provide legal opinions and affidavits on matters relating to Vietnamese law to be submitted to Arbitral Tribunals where disputes involve Vietnamese parties in the field of international arbitration. As legal experts, we stand to give the qualified and comprehensive advice for your dispute.   

We are now striving to extend our scope of service, especially in arbitration, to ensure the fulfillment of our clients. By keeping update with the modern and pragmatic arbitration practice locally and internationally, we guarantee the cost-efficient and exceptional dispute resolution service for your enjoyment.     

Let us disentangle your dispute.