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Anhisa shall assist you to navigate through your troubles

The firm’s annual promotion of associates includes exceptional lawyers who have built vibrant practices.



Dear valued clients who put all their trust in our team, 

  1. ANHISA offers a diverse range of litigation with a special focus on the international carriage of goods by sea. Our lawyers have received widespread professional and extensive knowledge in court proceedings in provinces and cities nationwide at all levels. In 2022, while the local courts return to normal operations after suffering from the amid of Covid-19 pandemic, our firm engaged in around 32 cases relating to aviation claims, loan agreements, any claims relevant to maritime claims, i.e., cargo, insurance, etc. Moreover, almost 90% of foreign clients seek our advice on high-stakes disputes which may be up to millions of dollars and benefit from our ability to leverage our broad experience in maritime and corporate to deal with their complicated cross-border cases. The fact that we are involved in complex commercial litigation throughout the country and internationally drives us to proactive and efficient action to save the legal cost at best via amicable negotiations. As a result, we pursue the out of court settlement agreement where possible and assist our client to minimise existing conflicts among them and their long-term partners. 
  2. On the other hand, when litigation deems necessary as a last resort, ANHISA’s lawyers always stand by our client’s side with a can-do attitude from the early beginning to the end of the case, guiding them through all the legal aspects of the cases to mitigate the losses.  
  3. Finally, we are very grateful for your giving us a chance to share our viewpoints from law perspectives and a gold chance to further acknowledge the customer’s mind. We do hope to serve you in the near future.   

Yours faithfully,